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Patternicity, False Positives and Potatoes

01/08/11 ★ OPINION

A post about how content from one of my favourite talks from Ted. com can be applied to how we approach and analyse design. Right at the end I mention potatoes. One of my favourite sites for interesting... more

Site-map and site-plan example


In reference to my previous posts: “What I need to spin a good web” and “Project workflow for a web project” , I have realised that it may be useful for my clients to see an example of what a simple si... more

Clients of a loveliness


Over the many years of me doing stuff for other people for money, I have worked with — and continue to work with — a great number of super-duper ace clients. I always ask for feedback so I can improve ... more

Don’t be critical of criticism

20/06/09 ★ OPINION

I’m currently looking through a number of my old sketchbooks and portfolio pieces from my time at art college, and also from my time studying for my Graphic Arts degree at university. The process of go... more

Camel any one?


Have you ever heard the phrase: “The camel is the horse designed by committee” ?Well. I don’t really like that phrase. What if the brief is for ‘an animal that can carry heavy goods across a hot desert... more

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