Web Design 1 of 3 • Stop Mice website

The website viewed on a fancy – pants laptop

Web Design 2 of 3 • Stop Mice website

Detail showing logo and form elements

Web Design 3 of 3 • Stop Mice website

The site on a shiny posh phone



A project in which I designed the logo, website and icon. 

The site adjusts in size and layout to work and display well across all devices. For e.g. mobile, tablet and desktop.

Website powered by Craft CMS.

  • Hand–coded, semantically correct, search engine–friendly HTML, CSS & JavaScript coding

  • Logo design & brand development
  • Site planning, consultancy, strategy & architectural decisions
  • Creative graphic design
  • On–page SEO elements
  • Creative visual web design

Interested? Fill in the enquiry form, email kev@kevadamson.com, or call on 07974 697740.

But before you do, you may wish to read this article from my blog: ‘What I need to spin a good web’ – it may help you provide me with the information required to deal with your enquiry effectively.

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