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In this here article what I have wrote and that, I try and go into detail in to what I require in order to accurately quote and put together a proposal for an animation project.

I cover the following questions:

  • Do you have any budget or deadline requirements?
  • Do you have a narrative for the animation?
  • Do you require elements designing for the animation?
  • What is the intended output for the project?
  • Do you require interaction by the user in the final animation?
  • Would you like to consolidate all your loans into one monthly payment? (Sorry, ignore that one — tis nay relevant)

If you are interested in hiring my services, or are just that little bit nosey, give it a read using your eyes …

OK. So you need an animation. Animation — much like the other services I provide as a freelance creative — is a varied design field.

First thing is first. That nasty-pasty’ question I ask regardless of request and the service:

Do you have any budget or deadline requirements?

Budget-wise, if you do have something in mind — or a ceiling’ — it is useful to know right from the off, so that I can let you know whether your request fits your budget.

Also, if my schedule is jammed but there is no give on deadline, it is obviously better to know this straight away so that you can source another provider quickly, and so that I’m also not spending time planning or writing the project proposal. If it turns out we’ve both been wasting our time, we both may end up crying. That would be a bit weird.

Do you have a narrative for the animation?

You may already know the events you wish to occur in your animation. If not, I can offer a service developing concepts. Either way, I would recommend the production of either a written or visual story board. Perhaps both, depending on the nature of the project.

Do you require elements designing for the animation?

It may be that the graphical elements for the animation have already been designed, or perhaps you require elements to be designed and developed by myself (this could be illustrated character design, typographical designs, supporting graphics like backgrounds, a chalk drawing of a worm wearing a bowler hat etc.).

Regardless of this, it is usually the case that any artwork and graphics — either supplied by the client or designed by myself — will require prepping and optimising ready for animation. This could be: re-drawing artwork into vectors, resizing elements, and breaking elements apart for animation.

What is the intended output for the project?

My main expertise is in web based flash animation. Although I have had experience producing animation for screen (non web based) using the Adobe After Effects software combined with traditional stop-frame animation. See my animation services page for more details on what I offer.

Do you require interaction by the user in the final animation?

… i.e. will is be a game or another kind of Flash application?

As I mention on my animation services page, my skills in Action Script programming are basic. Or perhaps to put it another way: my Action Script knowledge is quite poo. I do have contact with Action Script service providers, so this may be a viable option.

My role — regardless of where, and by from whom, programming is sourced — would be in the animation of required elements and the development and planning required to realise them. Not in the actual programming and build of — what would essentially be — a Flash application.

Erm … I think that is it. If I think of, or have missed, anything else I will add it to this article when I’m next allowed out of my steel re-enforced cage.

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