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North Wales (UK) based Web Designer & Developer

I’m Kev, a North Wales (UK) based award–winning creative web designer and developer with 20+ years of website design experience.

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  • A professional web design service to clients in Liverpool, London, Manchester, North Wales – and all over the UK and abroad
  • Responsive web design for brochure, e–Commerce, blog or any other website types – from conception to solution

  • Website consultancy, planning, strategy, scopes, wire–framing and architectural considerations

  • Creative flat visual design of key website pages

  • Web standards based, hand–coded, semantically correct, accessible, search engine friendly HTML, CSS and jQuery

  • Visual design and responsive HTML, CSS and jQuery for mobile devices – iPhone, iPad, Android etc.

  • On–page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service

  • Content design – to enhance the impact, readability and overall user experience of content such as blog articles and social media posts

  • E–mail newsletter service – design and development of templates, with all content client controlled using a comprehensive system for on–going monitored campaigns

  • Possible collaborations on projects with design agencies and experienced web–standards minded programmers

  • I sometimes wear the same pair of socks two days running
  • Take on half finished projects, unless deemed in a suitable condition

  • Build websites based on the visuals of others, unless they are of a sufficient standard

  • Pitch for work (unless it’s a project I really want) – my portfolio is my pitch

  • Hand-stands wearing a kilt (nobody wants to see that)
  • Work produced for some rather hefty sized clients
  • Professionally trained university degree graduate of the famous Liverpool Art School
  • Winner of the Web Standards Award for ‘Form and Functionality Combined’

  • Showcased on numerous industry respected websites and online publications – see the full list

  • Official Craft CMS Partner and Shopify e–Commerce specialist

  • Member of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers

  • Featured many times in respected national print publication – ‘Web Designer Magazine’

  • I can recite almost every line from the film ‘Caddy Shack’

What’s it gonna cost yer?

I charge £40.00 per hour / £320.00 per day. I’m afraid I can’t get paid in hugs anymore. Not an official currency apparently. Shame. Many were very warm and soft.

Interested? Fill in the enquiry form, email kev@kevadamson.com, or call on 07974 697740.

But before you do, you may wish to read this article from my blog: ‘What I need to spin a good web’ – it may help you provide me with the information required to deal with your enquiry effectively.

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