Having lived in Liverpool for 3 years, while studying for my Degree in Design, I very much consider Liverpool as my home city. Friendly people, a jolly fun night out, and bags of culture and creativity.

There are many web design projects I have been (and continue to be) involved with in Liverpool and nearby areas.

While I may not be immediately visible via a search on Google for web designer liverpool” or web designer near me”, my studio is actually not that far away for any in-person meet-ups. Even so, utilising communication technology – such as emails, conference calls and chat applications – means keeping clients updated and involved is a doddle regardless of location.

If you are an individual, start-up or design agency located in Liverpool, have liked what you have seen in my portfolio, and have a website project you would like my involvement in, then please don’t hesitate in pinging across any details to me :)

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