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I’m Kev, a North Wales (UK) based highly–skilled animator with 20+ years of animation experience.

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  • A professional animation service to clients in Liverpool, London, North Wales, Manchester – and all over the UK and abroad
  • Design and development of appropriate HTML5 / Video / CSS animations, seamlessly integrated onto web pages and for a variety of online applications

  • Produce narrative storyboards and time–lines for animation projects

  • Although I don't have a massive amount of experience producing long and complicated narrative animations, I am confident in my ability to take on such projects, should a suitable budget and lead time be available

  • Collaborate with animation agencies and action–script programmers on projects

  • I make a pretty decent chicken in white wine sauce
  • Take on half finished projects, unless deemed in a suitable condition

  • Run around robbing banks all whacked off the scooby snacks
  • Work produced for some rather hefty sized clients
  • Professionally trained university degree graduate of the famous Liverpool Art School
  • Animations produced for many commercial websites, mobile phone applications and advertising campaigns

  • I can recite almost every line from the film ‘Caddy Shack’

What’s it gonna cost yer?

I charge £40.00 per hour / £320.00 per day. Fruit pastels and / or fruit gums can no longer be accepted as payment due to a rather stern ticking–off from my dentist.

Interested? Fill in the enquiry form, email, or call on 07974 697740.

But before you do, you may wish to read this article from my blog: ‘Getting things moving, so to speak’ – it may help you provide me with the information required to deal with your enquiry effectively.

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