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A real search engine optimisation service


I offer a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service to existing clients, and as a post-launch offering to new clients and new projects.

Whilst I acknowledge that there are many SEO companies around that provide an excellent and worthwhile service, I can’t help but notice that many seem to optimise on-page for search engines at the expense of human visitors — in terms quality of copy, usefulness of content, and site structure.

Whilst some of the methods do provide results, I would question what the point is of attracting more traffic, if when these new visitors arrive they are faced with sub-standard copy and a lack of attention to detail — factors that could be the difference between the visitor committing to a sale or enquiry, or merely them getting put-off or confused by their experience, and hitting the back button.

It pains me to see websites I have designed having optimisation work applied to them with little concern for the bigger picture. The fact of the matter is: you can have SEO methods applied to a site without a huge negative effect on quality of copy, structure, user experience and attention to detail. There is no need for compromise. To ease my pain and to help my clients, from 2013 I will be offering a Search Engine Optimisation service to existing clients, and as a post-launch offering to new clients and new projects.

An SEO service without compromise

In each case, a plan of action will be determined based on the needs of the particular website in question. But in general terms the service will offer the following, to take place over a designated period:

  • Integration of tools for analysing current statistics, positioning and performance
  • Analysis of website data, positioning and performance
  • A proposal for on-page changes and alterations based on findings from analysis
  • On-page changes and structural improvements applied — without a negative effect on copy quality and user experience
  • Recommendations of on-going off-page and social media client-led activities
  • Consultancy on any further on-page client-led additional content (blog articles, for example)
  • Follow up analysis after a set period
  • A repeat of certain processes if required

The service will be quoted for on a case by case basis. There won’t be a set price for this service, as the needs of one website is often different from the needs of another. The service can be provided to my own clients, or even to websites I haven’t designed or built myself. I can also provide the analysis stage without then being involved directly in the application of changes, should this be appropriate to the clients circumstance.

I promise not to make promises

Many SEO companies make guarantees that just aren’t realistic — promising position 1 in Google for your top keywords, for example.

It is no secret that one of the biggest factors for SEO positioning is the time your website has been online — so unless we can build a time machine and travel back to upload your site before your competitors, it is often an inconvenient truth that a competitor who has been playing the game longer” may always be a position higher than you.

That’s not to say work can not be done to ensure your position improves — or even leapfrogs a competitor should other factors cause them to slip. We can also put things in place to target similar keywords or direct traffic from other sources as a way around factors that are out of our control.

My point is that there will be an honesty about my service. What I can guarantee is that:

  • you will only pay for the time I put in
  • work carried out, and recommendations made, will have a positive impact on the search engine visibility of your site
  • work will be carried out with site integrity, quality, and brand compliance in mind
  • changes and content will not compromise on copy quality, site structure, and attention to detail

If this is a service you are interested in, feel free to send me an enquiry.

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