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I’ve launched a new, how to say, arm” of my business — Freelance Web Design.


Why not simply update this website?

I’ve always played it safe with my business and its website. Sayings like if it aint broke don’t fix it” and don’t throw the baby out with the bath water” spring to mind.

Back in 2002 I had my kevadam​son​.co​.uk website, which worked well for me — generating plenty of enquiries, coming up in searches, and showing off my work well. But it was old-school table based, and — around 2003/4 — I wanted to move to the new-fangled pure CSS and liquid way of creating websites. But I created that website on kevadam​son​.com, and left kevadam​son​.co​.uk how it was, to ensure there was no disturbance in the way my business was running while I assessed how well the new site was doing. I was learning on the job — like most others — at that stage, so it just seemed the safest option.

My new website succeeded, and eventually I killed off the old site (before doing so I actually re-did it using CSS — just because).

So why Freelance-Web.Design?

This very website you are reading now has served me well over the years. I’m quite attached to it’s quirky nature, and once more I’m eager not to change it for the sake of it, or disturb what works.

Some problems which I think it has though, are as follows:

  • I provide a variety of services: web design, graphic design, illustration and animation. And I think, over time, this has saturated my visibility. Companies or individuals who offer one of these services alone are easier to find than me in searches, which makes sense, so I’ve become a little bit neither here nor there”.
  • The quirkiness of this website might not clearly demonstrate that I can also produce / work with more slick, minimal and, dare I say, corporate brands. I have an ability to adapt across all styles, and perhaps visitors initial reaction is we’re not looking for website design with a quirky illustration feel, so let’s move on to the next option”.
  • Over time, by teaming up with long-time trusted providers of web related services, I’ve almost become a Virtual Design Agency”, and in doing so can provide a web design agency level service. Obviously KevAdam​son​.com is a single name, so there might be that feeling that a single freelance web designer is not the right choice for large projects. This is not the case!

So Freelance-Web.Design is born to address these gaps in my business, without disturbing the core of what makes KevAdam​son​.com unique — and to keep things running as expected.

I’ve designed Freelance-Web.Design so it is:

  • targeted at web design, with other services — logo design, branding, illustration etc. — offered in a related fashion;
  • not overly stylised, slick and nuetral, and a bit more grown-up”;
  • evident I can work at web design agency level on large and complex projects

I’m quite bullish about this new direction succeeding, and it’s certainly quite exciting to try a fresh and new approach to things!

Head over to for a ganders. Oh, and while you are there, if you like old 8/16BIT video games: 

up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a

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