Payment Terms

Being the nice chap that I am, I am pretty accommodating in terms of payment – as long as any delay or situation is communicated to me clearly and in good time, a solution to suit both parties can often be reached without any further action.

But, at the same time, I need to protect myself and my business. So here are my standard payment terms:

  • Payment terms are strictly 28 days (net) from invoice.
  • Late and non payment will incur interest.
  • Interest will automatically be applied and charged at 1.5% of the total debt and will be back dated from the original invoice date should payment not be received within 14 days of the latest due date.
  • Interest will be charged on a daily basis (including weekends and bank holidays) until payment is received in full.
  • If a reminder notice is required then a charge of £25 will apply each time one is sent.
  • In the event of non payment all copyright will remain the property of KevAdam​som​.com Ltd and all permissions revoked until payment is received in full.
  • All costs associated with recovery of a debt will be charged in full including legal fees, court costs and an hourly charge of £45 per hour for administration.
  • Any variation is at the sole discretion of Kev Adamson T/A KevAdam​son​.com Ltd and will only be valid if confirmed in writing.
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